Unveiling Injustice:
The Derrick Williamson Story

From Building Dreams to Fighting Deceit – A Personal Journey of Loss, Betrayal, and a Stolen Legacy

My Story

The Unveiling of Derrick Williamson's Personal Odyssey

Derrick Williamson's extensive background in ministry and community work led to a close relationship with the Hardees, a family deeply involved in volunteer work and generous contributions to various causes. Over time, their shared dedication to making a difference in the lives of others fostered a familial dynamic. Derrick opened his home to Janet, Jordan, and Claire during a crisis involving Jordan's pregnancy, solidifying their bond as a chosen family.

In a surprising turn of events, Janet Hardee expressed a desire to gift a valuable farm property in Morgan County, Georgia, to Derrick's ministry. Initially skeptical due to the property's high value, Derrick eventually agreed to accept the generous gift. The deed was intended to be in the ministry's name, a decision made to ensure clarity and permanence, affirming the property as an unadulterated gift as per Janet's intentions.

The relationship between Derrick and the Hardees took a negative turn when the value of the gifted property increased. The Hardees, for reasons not entirely clear, attempted to sell the property against Derrick's wishes. This marked the beginning of legal battles, false reports, and a series of actions aimed at dismantling Derrick's ownership of the property and seizing control.

Derrick's attempts to seek legal recourse, including a restraining order, were met with hurdles as the legal system presented limitations on eligibility. The Hardees, assisted by Judge Holt, escalated their efforts by making false reports to government agencies, leading to investigations and legal complexities. The theft of animal exhibit panels and company assets further intensified the injustice faced by Derrick and his animal sanctuary.

As Derrick delved deeper into the legal battle, evidence emerged of a corrupt alliance involving Judge Holt and those conspiring against him. This revelation shed light on a network extending beyond immediate adversaries, exposing a tangled web of deceit. Tragedy struck with the loss of Derrick's brother, heightening the personal and legal stakes in his fight for justice against a corrupt alliance aiming to seize his family's farm.


Derrick Williamson joins the Bullpen to discuss his land and animals being allegedly stolen by a family of Millionaires. Dr. Rashad Richey discusses on Indisputable.

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Transparency meets evidence as I share crucial documents exposing the intricacies of my case. Explore the concrete foundation of my story, allowing these documents to speak volumes in the pursuit of justice and the restoration of my family's rightful legacy.

Share Certificate

Witness the legal validation of my rightful ownership, an essential piece in the puzzle of reclaiming my family's legacy.

Joint Written Concent

Critical testament to the shared agreements that now play a pivotal role in the unfolding narrative of my pursuit for justice and truth.

Investigator Report

Document that sheds light on critical findings and serves as a cornerstone in unraveling the complex layers of my legal battle for justice.

Oath of Deputy Sherrif

Testament to the commitment and responsibility bestowed upon law enforcement—a pivotal piece in understanding the dynamics surrounding my pursuit of justice

Morgan County Sheriffs office family violence report

Essential document that unveils the incidents and intricacies integral to my pursuit for justice and the restoration of my family's legacy.

Morgan County Sheriffs office misc incident report

Crucial document that unravels the incidents integral to my legal battle, providing insights into the complexities of my pursuit for justice and the restoration of my family's legacy.

Certificate of Restated Articles

Pivotal document that outlines the redefined parameters of my organization legacy. This certificate serves as a key element in my pursuit for justice, shedding light on the intricacies of my ongoing battle

State Warrant

This document captures the gravity of the situation, outlining legal actions taken and shedding light on crucial aspects of my ongoing battle.

Secretary of State

Vital piece that unveils the formalities and legal standing crucial to my pursuit for justice. This document serves as a cornerstone, shedding light on essential details in the ongoing narrative of my family's rightful legacy.

Accusation Document

Critical piece that reveals the formal allegations and complexities shaping my pursuit for justice. This document is a key element, shedding light on the challenges and legal intricacies surrounding my ongoing battle for truth and restoration.

Case Documents

Overview of the Janet Hardee vs Derrick Williamson case document.

Case Documents II

Overview of the Mcso vs Derrick Williamson case documents.

Case Documents III

Overview of the Holt vs Derrick Williamson case documents.

JQS Letter

Judicial Qualifications Commission State of Georgia Letter

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Journey through poignant moments captured in images of Derrick Williamson with his beloved animals, where the tender bond between man and creature becomes a visual testament to resilience. Despite the tumultuous challenges he faces, these snapshots unveil the enduring connection that remains steadfast, offering a glimpse into the solace and unwavering companionship found in the embrace of his animal companions amid adversity.

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